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Hello, and welcome to my resources hub for writers! Whether you’re just starting out, are stuck on that tricky second draft, or are already a Booker Prize winner (in which case, congratulations), hopefully you’ll find something useful on this page.

Take time to browse the collection of resources below – or if you’re in a hurry, you can jump directly to writing prompts, tips & advice, opportunities & resources, or events.

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Writing Prompts

For if you’re stuck for something to write about, or an idea isn’t working out for you…

Tips & Advice

Ever wondered how a writer makes a living, or what you need to do to get an agent, or the difference between a residency & a retreat? Check out the resources below for all these answers & more.

Opportunities & Resources

If you keep seeing other writers winning competitions or being published in journals that you never even knew existed, let alone how to submit to them, then this might be the section for you. Of course, if you’re just looking to brush up on your reading about the craft of writing, that’s covered too.

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I run two event series: workshops & in conversation events, which may be useful to other writers. You can also check out the list of upcoming workshops, readings & performances I’m doing with other organisations, for a wider variety.

Good luck – and happy writing!