Other Upcoming Events

readings // workshops // performances


Due to Covid19, things are a little bit up in the air at the moment, as far as events are concerned. So there are a few listed here – and there’ll be plenty more to follow!

7 January: My Name is Monster Paperback Launch // online, 7pm

15 January – 31 March: StAnza Dial-A-Poem // via phone

16 January: Workshop: New Year, New Stories: Kick-Start Your Fiction // online, 10am; 2pm

21 January: The Write Chat: What does it take to write a book? with Helen Mort & Rashmi Sirdeshpande // online, 7pm

8 February: Cafe Writers Poetry Competition reading // online, 7.30pm

10-17 February: Highlighting Eden: Spring Poetry Workshops // online

13 February: Workshop: Writing from Place // online, 10am; 2pm

18 February: The Write Chat: Setting & Place with M W Craven // online, 7pm

19-28 February: Kendal Poetry Festival: guerrilla poetry // Kendal town centre (displays) & online

22 February: Chairing Courttia Newland & Adam Roberts: Writing Dystopias // Paisley Book Festival (online), 7pm

20 March: Workshop: Making Stories Happen // online, 10am; 2pm

17 April: Workshop: Creating Characters // online, 10am

22 April: The Write Chat: Crafting Characters, with Molly Aitken & Yvonne Battle-Felton // online, 7pm

20 May: waiting (weighting): BxNU Baltic Research Exchange symposium // online

22 May: Workshop: Look Who’s Talking: The Non-Human Narrator // online, 10am

27 May: The Write Chat: Creativity & Conflict // online, 7pm

26 June: Workshop: Mining Your Life for Fiction // online, 10am

17 July: Workshop: Writing the Body // online, 10am

9-13 August: Northern Writers’ Studio Summer School: tutoring // online

26 August: The Boozy Book Club // online, 7.30pm

11 September: Gladfest author event // Gladstone’s Library (Wales) & online, 10.30am

23 October: Workshop: Writing Weather // online, 10am

10 November: Novel Monsters: the threat of emerging pathogens in contemporary literature – Bio-Lit Talks, Crossing Science with Humanities // online, 7pm

11 November: Chairing J R Thorp Learwife event: Golden Hare bookshop // online, 6.30pm

27 November: Workshop: Myth, Fairytale & Folk, 10am

More events to follow…

And in the meantime, check out my monthly online workshop series, and The Write Chat talks on writing craft.