My Name is Monster (2019)

My Name is Monster (Canongate, 2019)

After primarily considering myself a poet for over half a decade, and feeling as though fiction was somehow ‘off limits’ because of this, I finally plucked up the courage to start writing a novel towards the end of 2016. This novel became the first draft of My Name is Monster.

Published in paperback in the UK in 2021.

My Name is Monster, by Katie Hale

‘A terrific piece of writing;
tough and tender and insightful.
I loved it.’
– Joanne Harris


Inspired by Robinson Crusoe and Frankenstein, My Name is Monster is a novel about power, and about the strength and the danger in a mother’s love. The novel centres on a young woman called Monster who believes she is alone in an empty, post-apocalyptic version of Britain. Slowly, piece by piece, she begins to rebuild a life. Until, one day, she finds a girl: another survivor, feral, and ready to be taught all that Monster knows.

Shortlisted for the 2020 Kitschies Golden Tentacle Award.

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My Name is Monster was written with mentoring through Penguin Random House’s inaugural WriteNow scheme, and was listed in the Guardian’s start-of-year round-up of what to read in 2019.

My Name is Monster has been translated into German, Italian & Turkish, and will also be on sale in the US from 2021.