Breaking the Surface (2017)

In 2017, my debut pamphlet, Breaking the Surface, was published by Flipped Eye.

The poems I’d poured myself into creating for the past few years had come together in a physical thing that can be bought and read and carried around. Which basically means you can keep my soul in your handbag.

‘Katie Hale’s nimble poems, attuned to both the mythic and the quotidian, are full of the delighted surprise and sadness of being alive. Read them and be thrilled.’ – Jacob Polley

Breaking the Surface - pamphlet cover


From the back of the book:

The poems in Katie Hale’s Breaking the Surface are populated with totems of our wild, essential truths – from the raven bearing witness to death, to the wolf’s dark appetite. Hale interrogates desire in its different forms and unpicks the seams of myths, folktales and fairy stories, offering them up with new life. A self-assured debut.


Available on HERE

‘One of the things Katie does brilliantly throughout the pamphlet is description – she has pin-point accuracy’ – Kim Moore

‘Katie should have had a pamphlet out many moons ago… Her poetry is on point – I absolutely love it.’ – Hannah Hodgson