The Tea Break Project Travel Blog

When I left university in 2013 for the world of full time (plus a bit) employment, I started travel blogging. The main reason for this was to make sure I didn’t get too stuck into a routine, and to keep myself travelling to new places. But it’s also a great way of working on my rudimentary photography skills, and exercising my skills of writing to a deadline.

Over time, my blogging skills and priorities have developed, and in 2016 I started the tea break project.


I like to sit down with a cuppa and share my travel love with anyone and everyone who’ll listen. (That person forcing all her friends / neighbours / colleagues to look at her holiday snaps? That’s me.)

That’s kind of where the tea break project came from. It’s basically just me chatting about travel with a cup of tea (and preferably a scone – with jam and cream).

Getting all stereotypically British on you now, but it’s also about the cultural, social and historial importance of tea. Over the centuries, tea has symbolised so many things to so many people. The transportation of it created historic trade routes that led to cultural exchange, and to social exploitation. Tea for me means taking a brief break from work to bol the kettle. It means sitting down for a catch-up with friends, or getting into a good book. It’s something to bond over. Fact: hugging a warm mug of tea makes you feel more warmly to the person you’re talking to. For me, tea is all about conversation, ideas, and cultural exchange.

In other words, tea is all about travel.


Oh, and speaking of rudimentary photography skills: